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JOHN OSTRANDER has made a career writing comics. Among his best known works are The Spectre, Batman and Wolverine as well as Star Wars Legacy and Republic. He's the guy who created GrimJack,  the modern Suicide Squad and Amanda 'the Wall' Waller. Notorious for creating badass characters, when he's not writing, John is most likely to be found consorting with Galactic scum or chasing down Weird in the Obsidian Quadrant.

JAN DUURSEMA likes to draw alien creatures and badass characters--so she and John work well together. Over her career, Jan has done the art chores for Star Wars Legacy and Republic, Hawkman, X-Factor and tons of other projects. Part time bounty hunter and full time scoundrel, when Jan's not drawing, she's likely witnessing the destruction of Sky Cities over alien worlds while Hexers weave symbols of blue fire.

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