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My name is Xane Dusk. I'm one of the last Hexers. Time was, being a Hexer was an honorable thing. We protected, we served; we had a Code. That all changed the day the Sky Cities destroyed each other in the Chaos War. I was a soldier--I was there. I saw it happen. The destruction of the Cities created a rift between dimensions--a big hole that let other-dimensional creatures through to Obsidian galaxy. We called them the Weird. They can't survive here long unless they find a body to inhabit. Lucky for them, they're good at grabbing up both the living and dead to use as their shells. Bad for us. Maybe now us Hexers finally have a true enemy to fight--if the Razers don't kill us all first. Sever taught me that what we did was for good and to serve the honor of the Dragon Clan. These days, I do what I must and my reasons are my own. My name is Xane Dusk. I'm one of the last Hexers.

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